My dad passed away 7-1-11, which is a little over 4 years from my mom's departure so I packed my stuff and moved from Oregon to California. I accidentally left my medicine in Oregon and I can't get any here in Cali cause it's too expensive. I have a rapid, irregular heartbeat, exessive sweating, chills and hot flashes, I'm very irritable at times, I have trouble breathing, I feel sudden rushes of an unexplainable, very unusual sensation throughout my entire body frequently, I forget what I'm talking about during my sentence very often, I have terrible nightmares, imaginations and unknown fears, my chest and arm muscles feel like they're waking from a deep sleep at all times and I have sudden muscle spasms frequently. I eat very irregular and have severe nausea whenever my body decides to feel sick. My chest feels tight and spasms often, making me dizzy, nauseated and exhausted and stops or makes breathing difficult for me. What should I do??? I've been on cymbalta 60mg one dose a day, for about two years now and suddenly quit! I feel AWFUL!!