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I have very much negative feeling and anxiety,depression n low confidence.please some body help me?

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Inactive 8 May 2011

Hello and Welcome. It looks like from your avatar picture that you are possibly male and I know how hard it is for men to have these feelings and ask for help. Have you seen a therapist and a medical doctor to help. The medical doctor should check your blood, particularly looking at the testosterone level, if it is low, it will cause or aggravate these symptoms. A low dose of anti depressant may be necessary to help you start feeling better, but the talk therapy that you have with the therapist will last longer. A therapist can get to the bottom of emotional issues that might be triggering these feelings. You also need support and you can certainly find that here. Support helps with all these symptoms but especially the confidence.

Inactive 8 May 2011

I must agree with my pal Patti on this. Please see a doc asap, for this is unpleasant to say the least. Don't put it off too long. Make an appointment as soon as you can.
Therapy and medication can help you so much!
Best wishes,

Delila 8 May 2011

Hi, i just want to say well done for asking for help! As already stated, it can be really hard to take the first step, and now that you have please keep going. I understand how difficult it can be to admit how you feel, when you feel like this, but you shouldn't just try to deal with this alone. I am repeating what has already been said, but anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication and talk therapy can be a life saver. Many people are worried about being labelled or think negatively about anti-depressants etc. There is no need to feel this way, and really you should be proud of yourself for wanting to do something positive about how you are feeling. I know that counselling and a/d meds saved my life.
Again, as already requested, if you can share a few more details about yourself and what you are going through i'm sure we can give you more advice.

Inactive 8 May 2011
Inactive 8 May 2011

Welcome to the site, & want to let you know you went to the right place! You will find lots of friends & more support than you can handle! You have taken the first step as the others have stated,. Now you need the help of a good physician. With possible counseling & proper medication this anxiety you speak of can be helped. The low self esteem is probably a counseling problem that can be helped also. You are not the first or for sure not the last that has come to this site for help. I wish you alll the best, & listen to my friends advice. Many have been through just what you are going through. Good luck...

Inactive 9 May 2011

aqeelalba, first of all welcome! Everyone has given you good advice. You will find we are a family here and we will be here for you. Please see your doctor, and let us know whats going on.

ace_rick 9 May 2011

There's no way for anyone to diagnose themselves in such way as you have.A person would be able to say that he or she is afraid or scared ,but wouldn't be able to say they have anxiety !they could say they are sad, feeling lonely,tired,hopeless,etc ,but they would not be able to describe it as depression.Only specialists who are able to determine your complaint with such terms as you posted.For example,

jaypee 9 May 2011

Best wishes to u.u r not alone ive been the same way.all i cnw tell u is to try & find a dr.becareful with anti depreesants try a low dose first.dont let them raise u real fast.if u r comfortable on 1 dose then let that b.u notice how everyone said low dose!let us know what u find blessed.

zandar 10 May 2011

If pain has been present for long periods of time it is natural to feel depressed, anxiety very common how can I pay bills, how can I function in everyday life, low confidence is how most type B personallities live not wanting to make waves or speak up for themselves.

Ask yourself, Have I done purposly gone out of my way to harm others, do I treat others like I would like to be treated myself? Confidence comes from doing something very hard and that is to love yourself. It is just a guess but I bet you are harder on yourself than others, punish yourself for things you eaisly forgive others for. For 50 + plus years I forgave people who did me wrong but agonized over trivial things I did. If you can look in the mirror and say with all honesty I did not purposely go out to hurt somebody then you are better than most of humanity. If you made some mistakes don't repeat them this will bring honor to your life and do not be afraid to live life for confidence will be the by product. Be kind to others but be kind to you. free discount card

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