I get hot flashes for the week leading up to my period and throughout my period. I also have extreme emotions, cramps, and severe headaches during the same weeks. My gyno has done a ton of tests all of which have come back within normal range whatever that means. He is especially perplexed by the hot flashes. They are hell! I wake 6-8 times a night for two weeks a month having to change my t-shirt. I have started keeping a stake by my bed. The hot flashes used to happen all month but I changed to a differant birth control pill now its just the two weeks. This is seriously effecting every part of my life. I am begin to loss hope haveing this issue and then also having fibro and the constant pain that comes with that. I havent found a treatment for the fibro & pain that works yet. I also have PTSD, depression, and anxiety which are being treated as well as they can be right now. I mean you stay depressed no matter the treatment when you have so many other issues. My anxiety and panic attacks are being managed with xanax. I am 31 and feel 70! My life hardly seems worth living and if I didnt have to keep on for my boys I think I would have given up by now. ANY advice or words of encouragement are welcome. Thanks,J