... I have never had trouble with any type of pain medication. Just got out of Surgery on Wednesday,I take the norco 10/325 for the break out pain But this new oxycontin is not working for me.I see my PMD tomorrow and i need some advice on what i should ask for for the long term pain. Would this drug i hear about opana be worth trying or Dilaudid maybe? i also wanted to get away from the norco because of the acetaminophen. so would percocet work for the really bad break through pain? I have really been hurting,I just had my left shoulder operated on and i have barely recovered from the second surgery on my right shoulder.Naturally i am using my right arm a lot more since my left side is in a sling.I am usually not a complainer but this new oxycontin does more harm than good.Sometimes i don't even think that the medicine is absorbed,aside from the other bad reactions I'm having from it.Is this happening to anyone else? If so what are you doing about it? Right now I'm just screwed because my surgeon can't give me anything because i have signed a contract with my PMD.Don't get me wrong my PMD is really Good,It's Just that because of the freaking addicts,who have messed everything up for all of us,I probably could have got this problem fixed with a phone call.So back to the big question ,What should try that will come the closest to the relief i should be getting from the oxycontin? And which drug would be the best substitute for the norco.I am really hurting and could really use some good advice. Thanks everyone. You guys are like family to me. It is so nice to be able to talk to people who have been there. Jeffery D