first week i came straight off citalopram and onto mirtazapine, i felt so angry, and unwell,very weird dreams. disturbed sleep. im on the 2nd week now, have increased to 30mg, which i take abt 6 pm in evening, im still awake until abt 11. my dreams are so lifelike its unreal , but when i wake up im groggy. feel like im half drunk still though this has lessened. but i feel anxious and shaky. i dont know what to do, i saw a very unsympathetic gp last time who more or less told me there is nothing left to try. i have tried so many over the years the best by far sertraline but i gained an enormaous amount of weight on it,. which cause me to be even more depressed,as i suffer from body issues to. now what do i do? do i continue this dosage til next week, stick it out, im so worried because my kids are back at school next week and what im feeling too shakey to bring them? any advice appreciated!!