My tremors are mainly in my right hand and sometimes right leg. Most recently my left hand has started shaking a little also. I tried Tremodone which I ordered on line but it seemed to make my tremors worse so I quit taking it. My brother's health care provider gave him Xanax for nerves and anxiety, and he suggested it might help me. That is why I asked if Xanax might help me with my tremors which seem to have started with extreme stress. I don't go out in public unless absolutely necessary because my trembling is very embarrasing. I sit in the car and wait when I take my mother and brother on their errands and appointments. My stress level on a daily basis has risen to an enormous level since my early retirement at age 62 in 2008 when I automatically had to become a car service for my mother (85) and brother (56). Every time my phone rings, I start shaking. I get so stressed knowing I am their only transporation to the store, wash clothes and other misc. errands. My brother is on a suspended license for three more years. Just recently a health care professional started taking my brother to some of his appointments which helps a little. I live in a nice quiet townhome and had planned to finish my novel after retirement, then my whole life suddenly changed. Once in a while I drink a glass of red wine in the evening which seems to help relax me, but I don't have a clue if that is going to help me in the long run. I apologize for the lengthy details, but hoping it may give some insight into why my tremors started. Thank you in advance for any advice you may give.