I have dealt with severe pain for a disorder I have for many years. In 2008 I started narcotics and have slowly but steadly progressed on them. Treatment with Enbrel works for me and I don't feel much pain anymore. I have no reason to be on narcotics but they make me fill good and happy. I am tolerant, stopped following instructions and used more than I should resulting in situations where I ran out and went through withdrawals. I was traveling a hour to see my pain dr after I good a new job so I tried to change dr to the new place and ended up get referred to another dr who seems to be a dumping ground. I had my first experience with oxycontin and was given a pill to take once at 40 mg. It is horrible and to strong and works to fast leaving me with problems in the night which I took a pill at night really too much then. The I tried to contact the dr and he said to just stick it out rather then ajust the meds. I trust my old DR so I plan to go back to him Tueday and say that I would like to titrate off narcotics completely. I am going to give the medication to my psychiatrist's office to have them dispense it to me according to the titration schedule. I don't want to keep going down this path, I'm not against narcotics I just don't need to be on them right now. Does anyone have any comments or suggetions on my plan of action?