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I have to go for a drug test. how long does oxycodone and xanax stay in system for a urine test?

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LaurieShay 12 Feb 2012

It really depends on several factors: frequency and quantity being used and your personal metabolism. In general, the oxycodone can be detected for upto 7 days after the last use and the benzodiazepine can be detected for several weeks to a month depending on level of use.

ddog12 12 Feb 2012

I believe these drugs will be detected up to 30 day's after use !

Inactive 13 Feb 2012

Why put yourself throught this? If you have pain and anxiety,go to the appropiate doc and get your own prescriptions. This will certainly cutdown on the sress you feel when a whiz quiz or (UDS) is in your future. That is what I did and in the long run, it's cheaper and the doc can keep an eye on your general health. Just saying...
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