I am a few days from being 18 and I see a psychiatrist regularly. I am classified as major depressive and currently taking zoloft for that. I have a history of drug abuse of all kinds, from methamphetamines to benzos, and my doctor knows this. I believe this is the reason for my insmonia because once I got clean roughly 8 months ago I haven't been able to sleep regularly and Im never the least bit tired. I'm either up into the early morning hours or don't sleep at all. I have been prescribed trazadone 100mg, ambient 10mg, lunesta 3mg, seroquel xr 150mg, and now clonidine .2mg. Not a single one with the exception to trazadone helped me with sleep. And my tolerance to it was so quick it was useless within a week. I am beginning to think benzos are my only option left. Am I wrong? What should I do?