I have taken Xanax 2 times since I was 18 and I am now 33. I need to start taking it again due to a divorce and I am wondering what the average daily dose for someone with moderate to severe panic disorder is. My doctor Rx me .5mg 1x daily to start, which I know will not be enough but he also Rx Venlafaxine which I have never taken. How much is the average xanax dose these days and how well does Venlafaxine work for panic attacks and anxiety? It's sad that I have to fight for a medication that (when taken properly) affects my panic disorder so effectively without the side effects of SSRIs. When I first took them 15 years ago, I was on 4mg daily. 3 years ago, it was 2mg. I'm just wondering what I'll be dealing with in the medical profession these days