I have trigger thumb and fingers, tingling and numbness in both hands, a torn meniscus and tendonitis in addition to general inflammation. I also take Boniva and Crestor. I am constantly experiencing joint paint and would like to know how to narrow down the cause. I stopped taking the aromatase inhibitor (per my doctor's instruction) for two weeks and still have the same symptoms. They were not aware Boniva could be a contributor, but I have to wonder. Friends have mentioned that Fosamax or Boniva could be the culprits in these cases. I am right handed and there is no way I could have caused continued recurrence of trigger thumb/finger in my left hand through overuse. That's just not probable. Even the tendonitis and torn meniscus are on the left side of my body. I had switched from Arimidex to Aromasin at one time, but there was no apparent change. Please advise if you can provide any additional information on the effects of aromatase inhibitors and acute joint pain. I have noticed trigger finger mentioned a few times in other articles discussing the effects of AI's, but would welcome more. Thank you.