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I have taken 3 oxycodone (roxicodone) today, and I have a drug test tomorrow how do I pass it?

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Inactive 17 Sep 2009

You might need to go to a health food store and tell them that you need a detoxer and what it is for and they will help you and be pretty nice about it.

mpvt 17 Sep 2009

no, you need 3-5 days to geta clean urine tox.If you have a prescription then take it with you... Dave

Detoxers don't work so save your money... Dave

phillip6103 17 Sep 2009

if it is not prescribed drink lots of cranberry juice and take water pills. if it is prescription you just show them your med bottle.

alannakanderson 25 Oct 2011

First of all, were they prescribed to you? If so then shouldn't have to worry about it, however, you can a drink a gull gallon of water, then drink 2 pints of cranberry juice, both of these are natural cleansers for your bladder and kidneys. DO NOT get those drinks that claim they will help you pass a urine test, they now test for the ingredients of those so called drug cleansers. You can also use water purifying pills, you can buy these at WalMart,CVS, WALGREEN'S ECT... But if you were really smart go to the hospital, make up some kind of pain, use your back, they can neither prove or disprove back pain, get a script. Even if they give u a script for Lortab, it can be your saving grace, it is an opiate, one opiate tests the same as another.

joekola2 16 Oct 2012

Good call Allan (prolly is the best and quickest answer) idk why I didn't think of that One right off the bat (usin ur noggin lol). Idt that any amount of cranberry juice is gonna give u a negative test result, and if u tell the health store ur real reasoning they may deny you (I will not admit that this has happened to me before at GNC), ur best bet (though illegal I'm sure) is clean urine acquired from another source... Or try one of the more expensive drinks (with a money back guarantee) from the health food store or GNC (they are usually behind the counter) and the reason u need it is "cause ur starting a new work out regiment and want ur system to be clean before hand"" free discount card

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