I normaly take suboxone strips but didnt have any yest! Had taken one the day before but yest I was without any strips of suboxone- so I took four 5 mg HCL methadone yesterday (thruout the day) n 2 today-one at 8am n one at 11! my last one at 11am n I feel like im withdrawling(prob from suboxone strips) which I normally take! I havent done methadone regulary only the last 2 days! I was told the methadone 5 mg HCL means instant realease so maybe I feel like im withdrawling cause the instant release n its out of my system now? Can I take a half of a 8 mg suboxone strip? I dont want to get sick r go to hospital! I dont want to die r go thru withdrawls, r be violently ill! Will I be ok n not have any of this happen if I take my suboxone strip?(half of a 8mg strip?) which is what I normally take! I normally take half 8mg suboxone strip twice a day!