i have to take a urine test monday . on friday i took my last morphine , i had someone help theirsef to my meds . i was out of town for funeral , long story . my dr called my husband and said they want a urine test before she will write my mesda i dont abuse my meds . i went to her office when i got back in town they had went out of the offie early so now i am out of meds .i am supposed to pick up my scripts monday . but i am affraid where my cousin stole my meds this past week while i was out of town . im going to not have enough and she will think im abusing . i have never had problems like ehis before . my husband said be honest she will understand but they are so strick because of people abusing it hurts those of us who really need them . if you can give me advice i would really appreaciat it . i take morphine and percocet .