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I have suffersd from depression and panic attacks for twenty some years I have not been able to fin?

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LaurieShay 1 Feb 2011

Unfortunately your question got cut off and we can't read what you wanted to ask.

Try posting again and I'm sure we can help


caringsonbj 1 Feb 2011

I know your answer question got cut off, I have had severe Chronic pain (I had polio) and broke 4 bones in my back I started having severe panic disorder with anxiety several years ago I thought the first one I had would kill me in fact I thought I was dying, I used lots of medications like Valium, antidepressants such as celexa, effexor, Lexapro, Wellbutrin I had one that has really done a good job (at least the best and Iam so thankful) I used Xanax started out 0.5mg four times a day, then it had to be increased to 1mg four times a day, it is habit forming but I try hard to not take the most I can have, it's something that you have to work on yourself, it's like helping the medicine help you, I am on extended dose (releases 2mg over the course of a day) I could take it 4 times a day but I maintain myself at 1 in the a.m and one at night, I know of people that once on it they have to keep on increasing and I want it to work and yet keep the dose down as much as I can, it's a benzodiazepine, not a narcotic, I am just giving you a little history of what I have been though, there are a lot of kind, caring compassionate people on this site, you will not be disappointed in choosing to come to this site, whether you need a friend who understands who will communicate and listen or if you have questions about medications they are good at both, I have been with the group almost 2 weeks, I enjoy trying my best to help those who have had a tough time, once you live and thrive through panic then I think God has a reason for me being here and it gives me such a special feeling of trying to be a friend and be compitent enough to help another it somehow makes it worth what I've been through makes me so thankful, You resubmit your question and me or someone else will be happy to answer the question please know that we care about everyone who comes through here, give us a chance and please take good care my first name is Billy my sign in name is free discount card

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