What I would like to hear is about those experiences of people who take
opiates for chronic, unbearable pain. I never have cravings. When the
pain is less, I titrate down without problems. My first and foremost
problem is chronic pain. How have any of you dealt with this problem.
I know the multitude of meds I take are bad for my body. Without the
meds I cannot begin to function. With them, I am somewhat better. Ironically, when my pain is reduced from the opiates I am actually more alert. Still, I hate the concept of needing these meds and would so appreciate knowing others' experiences. I feel stuck between a rock
and a hard place. Cannnot function without the meds, am worried and
wondering what the long term effects of the opiates are. Concerned that
my body will get used to the meds - though it has been many, many years - and I will have to increase. Worried that my doc will retire or the feds
will make it more difficult to treat chronic pain. But want something other
than the palliative - Ideas??? Help!!! Thank-you.