... general all over pain for two years. Started out on 20mg uped to 40mg while taking Radiation and 20mg was not doing much good. Since the change to this new OP drug I am not getting same relief, more side effects and really need to know what would be next for me. If I continue having this much pain, as not before the change, I feel like giving up period. I have been told OxyContin was the best Cancer Medicine you could take and that we (cancer patients) will suffer the most because of the new OP will not work on my pain as it has been. I told my Oncologist, with no answer in site so turning to people in this position as I am. Maybe not Cancer but Chronic Pain and not a Cure for my Cancer, so Chemo and pain relief all I have. Chemo is working to hold Cancer from spreading, but OxyContin not working like it use to. I am Blessed to have already have 2yrs and was dealing with this, but with this constant pain, is this the way I will have to live? I am very Religious and have prayed a lot along with the tears and stress, what else is there for me? Thank you in advance for any and all concern and any suggestions to talk with my Oncologist?