I have had spinal stenosis for several years, approx two & one-half yrs ago two discs were removed from my neck. I did have some relief for about a year. I take 8mg of suboxone 3 times/d for the pain & it does help to make the pain more bearable. I also have Raynaud's. I began dropping things & was diagnosed w/carpal tunnel in my rt wrist & in my left wrist & shoulder, which the doc belives to be a result of the spinal stenosis. I have severe joint pain in my knees also. I know that I put more in there that may have been nec., if so, I apologize. I was wondering if all of these diff. diag. might be related? I believe that there is more going on here that meets the eye & x-rays:) I really did want to know if there were other options for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis besides surgery? My docs have told me as of my last MRI/CT? Can't remember which one, that it is getting worse. That was about 8-12 mons. ago.