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I have shingles with a lot of pain in my shoulder and back. Will neurontin take the pain away?

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Inactive 27 Nov 2011

Shingles or herpes zoster is the same thing as the chicken pox virus that has been hiding in your peripheral nerve endings for years waiting for a good time to break out and make your life miserable. Thankfully there is a medicine to treat the nerve pain and that is Neurontin or generic name is gabapentin. I've been taking the medication and it does work.
Good luck and I hope you feel better quickly.

Dick69 27 Nov 2011

Thank You for your answer. I have a neighbor who gave me some gabapentin and I am already feeling better.
Thanks Again,

Dick69 27 Nov 2011

How long do I have to take gabapentin for my shingles? I've had the shingles for 2 weeks.

Inactive 28 Nov 2011

The duration of the rash varies and so does the pain. If your symptoms last too much longer, go see the doc for some gabapentin and some real pain meds, because the pain, even after the rash is gone, can be really bad. My motto is ALWAYS be prepared. But I'm a chronic back and neck pain person and am presently on Fentanyl patches.
Keeping my fingers crossed that your shingles run a benign course...
PS: If you liked my answer, please vote up... please. A lot of people don't say anything and I never know if I helped or not.
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