... breakthrough.i've been@this dose for over a yr and it isn't working well anymore.i have a pain mgmt dr.i like very much,but 6 months ago they had me start seeing his assistant.she treats me like a drug addict,i've been frank and told her i've taken extra meds due to the pain,and she'll just say thats not allowed.i've asked her to change or up my meds she tells me i don't need more that i'm becoming @ "addict".she won't let me talk to my pain dr.;that i don't need to see him.it's getting worse,she has given me drug tests 3x out of the blue, .i knowthey have the right but she told me it was being done while i was in the waiting room w/ 8 other people who overheard,and the nurse handed me the specimen cup and gave me instructions in the waiting room as well.(i passed all 3 just fine)what should i do?the pain is keeping me from living a normal life,and i'm embarrassed to be seen in the office,please tell me what i should do!