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I have severe heroin habbit 25 bags a day will a 8 mg suboxone a day be enough to work for me?

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subzero58 27 Feb 2010

your the only person who can answer that question. if its ur first sub they may need to build up in ur system. if a doctor is perscribing them they should monitor u for the first dose. if u just buying them on the street u should take one and c how u feel. when u first taking subs if u stop feelin sick u should b ok for that time u will find out just how much u need. if u dont feel any better in 15-20min take another.

benny bars 27 Feb 2010

well to be honest my wife wants me to go to a detox and they only give u 8mg a day and with my habbit i personally dont think thats enough i was just wondering if it was just me looking for a alternative or is it possible that the dose will work

Inactive 28 Feb 2010

find a doctor to properly induct you onto the suboxone. It will "soak" your pain receptors after a few days and then you might be able to do with just one 8 milligram pill per day. I am thinking at first, one is not going to completely take you out of withdrawal, but, will cut it some. There are all sort of doctors and outpatient recovery clinics that will use the suboxone therapy. Good luck. free discount card

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