Has anyone else noticed this?

Luckily, I guess I am right next door to a store which always has the merchandise at least 40% - 60% off retail prices.
In Canada it is called 'Winners', there is an American counterpart. Depending on what area of the city you shop the fashions, for home and personal are great. I wish I could remember the name.
Anyway, I am there at least five or six times a week, and actually buy something, even if it is a small purchase I make it. I can excited at the very thought of buying something new to help me feel even better!
I know it's not healthy and I need to change my ways. I do, sometimes, by leaving my cards and most cash at home.
HAS ANYONE ELSE-male or female or a bit of both out there, noticed this?
I am just asking if anyone does this, too. Not really looking for advice at how bad this is, please!

Hope someone will answer here!
thanks, alll!