I had a brain injury from a long fall(26 feet) and should have died, but I wrecked my back and twisted my hips. I have never had a seizure from the brain injury or from stopping the oxy, but I have good reason to have some concern. In addition, my situation is complex, because I took the oxy when I would get home from work to relieve pain, but since I quit, there is no relief at the time I have grown used to having it. By 3 in the evening I am antsy, irritable, nervous, depressed, and to top it off, I am still in pain. The pain has never stopped, I just decided I wanted to quit. I am hurting bad enough right now I want to take some but I have remained able to resist. At night I am in near hell. By bed I am moving constantly and I can't lie still long enough to fall asleep. I have been taking nyquil to help me sleep, but it doesn't work as well as it used to. I think I may be on a long road to being free of oxy, because today is day 6, but oxy is calling me worse today than yesterday. I managed to train myself to wait until the evening to take it, so I don't want it bad until early evening, but thats where I think it will trouble me. It is hard to quit simple habits that are developed through training, but far harder to quit a habit that is steeped in opiates.