I am on several medications right now due to having fibromyalgia and anxiety issues. And when I run what I currently am on through the drugs.com interaction check, none of the primary medications for ADD (ritalin, adderall, concerta, vyvanse... ) pose any threat or harmful interaction at all with my med load. The shrink I am seeing however is refusing to treat my ADD because she feels my pain medication is sedating me and the reason for my distraction and forgetfullness (nevermind the fact I have been struggling with every ADD symptom since childhood and my pyschologist, that is on staff in this cooperative office, is emphatic that I need to be treated for my ADD).
My primary care physician is appauled that this pyschiatrist is refusing to treat my ADD due to clear bias, and only treating the bipolar issues with lamictal. She has even offered to take over treatment if this does not turn around. Has anyone else had such bias/prejudice against them for being treated for a coexisiting-pre-existing condition while trying to get help? I actually had first asked about using T3 thryoid hormone after doing a lot of research about how this may be affecting my cyclothymia and ADD symptoms, but the shrink said that was a LAST resort treamtent.
After this, the only other medications I suggested we discuss were either wellbutrin or vyvanse- yet she is unwilling to even discuss these with me, compairing me wanting stimulant therapy with her patients who want to smoke pot while asking for adderall.
So... I guess what I am asking is- has anyone successfully resolved such issues inside a medical office, or did they have to find another doctor to get treatment from? Also- has anyone had experiences with treating comorbid ADD and mild bipolar and what medications seemed to work best? I am still seeing the shrink at the moment and the counsellor for the cognetive part of therapy. I am doing what I can to help myself in this talk therapy dept, but I know I need some kind of medical intervention if I want to have any real ability to hold a job, let alone a chain of coherant thought and keep my family from continuing to judge me as some hypochondriac, lazy, unambitious person who if I could just get my act together, would amount to something. All I need to do is try harder right?! Sigh...
Between my chronic pain, mental aggrivations and constant distraction I really feel like I am a basket case, desperate for help! I want to have a productive life and feel like I am spinning my wheels begging for someone to help me untangle this knot. I have been treated by so many docs for so many years and only recently have come closer to putting the pieces together. Now I just need the proper tools to get a stronger grip on balancing my life.
As a side note, the lamictal has gretly improved the aggitation, inner tension and even my TMJ. I am feeling more focused and a bit more energy and less anxiety- but this is a far cry from where I need to be to function fully.
While I know that all medications are different and it's very trial and error for each person, my pharmacist was also very in support of using vyvanse in my particular situation, knowing my history. She said the lamitical and vyvanse are cooperative and could help me a great deal. But if I was wanting to help with depression more, then the wellbutrin was also potentially a good choice. Would love some imput, or shared stories of experiences.
Any suggestions on how to handle such a complicated medical office situation as well as recommendations on treating comorbid ADD and bipolar (books, websites, medications?) all would be very appreciated!