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I have ra and slip discs and fibromyalgia & in pain, would the fentanyl patch work for me?

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pharmasight 30 Nov 2010

Fentanyl is a rational drug choice for severe pain.

Are you on Rheumatoid Arthritis medications ("DMARDs")? If you're not, please see your doctor asap.

oxyaaron 1 Dec 2010

i have never heard of DMARDS could you shed some light about that please? or do you mean NSAIDS?

oxyaaron 1 Dec 2010

it might but you cant just start the patch its for opiod tolerant patients

kaloeding 1 Dec 2010

I also have fibromyalgia, multiple disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, have had one spinal fusion c3-4-and need another at c4-5 and in the last year have been diagnosed with RA (I also have celiac disease). I have seen numerous docs-pain specialists, ortho, neurologists, GI, rheumotologist--- I tried every pain med known to man, and it took years but finally I have relief from my fentanyl patch and neurontin(for nerve pain). I still am trying to get control of my RA symptoms using methotrexate and remicade-but my other pain problems are much improved-it took awhile to find the right dose of fentanyl so hang in there and I hope you find relief from your pain--let me know if you have any other questions-I"d be happy to try to help-Kim(kaloeding)

christineATU 1 Dec 2010

Hi bigmamma. Sorry to hear about your condition. I could only imagine how painful it must be. As oxyaaron said, you need to be on opiate therapy prior to using fentanyl. It is a very strong narcotic pain medication. It works very well and most docs will prescribe a breakthrough pain medication too. Once your system adjusts to the patch and the dose is right, you should find relief. At first, you may have a little dizziness, nausea, tiredness, etc. But these side effects usually go away after you get used to how the patch works. You may even find you need less of the bt pain meds too! Be safe with the patch and always use it as prescribed. It's much more powerful than morphine. I hope it works well for you and good luck.

Best wishes,

Masrea 1 Dec 2010

Hi bigmamma,, i am sorry you are in pain,, i know what you mean ,, i am also have fibromyalgia,, Chronic Myofascial pain--- i been on the Fentanyl patch for more than 4 years i start with 25 mg ,,and now i am on 100 mg ,, b/c my system get use to it have to increase the dose ,,but yes it give a lot of relief but it making my moth very very dry , give me Constipation also but i can`t live without it b/c i have 24/7 pain ,, i also take 400mg of Tramadol a day, let us know how you doing,, hope you get some relief ,, take care ...

crazed50 22 Sep 2011

i tried that patch..couldnt keep it on for 1 and 2 it didnt work for my pain..had 2 lower back surgeries..fibromyalgia spurs on spine and ostio..with ra have u tried the iv drugs out there... Best Wishes..C50 free discount card

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