... MUCH easier than hydrocodone. It's usually just being a bit 'poopy', LOL. I only take 3, 20 mg's/day, as needed. Is this why? I'm just not on a high dose? Is it because it's time release? I just think that's pretty neat. I'm not trying to taper, but there have been times I went away for the week or whatnot and didn't allot enough, or whatever. I have also never gotten a 'high' feeling from it... I guess I don't understand how ppl who use the drug AS PRESCRIBED... not in a shady manner, get 'addicted' to it, unless it's more of a psychological thing? It does what it's supposed to with me. Get rid of pain. Nothing more, nothing less. I have not had to up my dosage, in any way, since I started... about 2 years ago. I guess I'm just curious on others results. I hope this didn't offend anyone, not trying. Simply curious!