... add. I have noticed my lips feel numb and swollen, tongue feels heavy,my eyes are watery in the morning... I take as directed before bed... and my muscles feel tight, burning along with some sensations of like electricity in my body. Now I did not notice this when I took the 3 milligram sample which is another color. My doctor had told me when out of 3 milligram sample I could very safely take 3 of the 1 milligram prescribed meds. I have reported all odd symptoms to her and I initially thought it was that the 1 milligrams were just not as effective. As I have never had any allergies I did not realize it was about an allergic reaction. Pharmacist is the one who picked up on that when I shared about mouth issues. He said I am having an allergic reaction and it could be getting worse since I have been taking it for months. Doctor said "NO " IT IS NOT AN ALLERGIC REACTION OR I WOULD BE DEAD. She said it is a sensitivity reaction and to continue taking the lastest prescribed dose of 4 milligrams by taking one of the 1 milligram tablets for 4 days as a method of discontinuing. Not sure about this as just taking oneof the 1 milligram tablets is awful. Half hour after taking just one and the mouth stuff starts. Others have this???