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I have muscle and back pain from arthritis, what would be a good med for pain?

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primetimegrape 24 Sep 2011

You really need to talk to your doctor about this. There are narcotic pain meds like Vicodin that ppl use, but narcotics have abuse potential and doctors are only going to give u so much based on your condition. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen are a good option, but again discuss this with your doctor. He or she will know best based on your condition, pain level, etc..God Bless and good luck!

arlie2011 24 Sep 2011

Thx for answering,primetime. Naproxen or that family of meds. really upset my tummy. I will talk to her and come up with something that is right for me.She is away for 4 more weeks and I don't feel comfortable with another Dr. in the clinic. But maybe I will have to try to... arlie2011

primetimegrape 24 Sep 2011

If your doctor is gone for that long (wow, surprised she does not have a backup to look after her patients) and u are hurting that bad, I would def. do something about it. Now, there is Ultram, also known as Tramadol. It is non-narcotic, but be careful. Many people are getting hooked on this drug. I have never had a problem with it myself and it will prob. become a controlled substance soon, but it is an option. It is equivalent to Darvocet (when that was legal) in my opinion, mild pain relief, but for others.. well it can create a super high, but that depends on the individual and whether or not u have ever abused drugs. I think Ultram is a good drug overall, but others will beg to differ with me. Those are the ppl that got hooked and went through hellish withdrawals. I hear they are bad, and ppl that are hooked take like 15 or more a day. This is an interesting drug that I am currently studying.

LaurieShay 24 Sep 2011

Hey arlie,

I recommend Celebrex which is a type of non steroidal anti inflammatory. I have taken it for years for arthritis and have found it very helpful. It is non narcotic so not addictive. Worth mentioning to your doc.


arlie2011 24 Sep 2011

I tried Celebrex, not helpful.
But Thank you,

chrissy46 26 Sep 2011

Hi arlie2011,
I also take Ultram for my back and arm pain. I find it to be very helpful. It comes in two strengths 50mg and 75mg. I take 50 but will be increasing to 75.I have tried so many except for the very strong narcotics because I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol and doctors are cautious with my narcotics use. I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck free discount card

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