For years I took every known med for depression- mainly SSRI.. many side effects.. had to keep changing nothing seemed to help. Also took Clonazepam.
In October 2010 my doc perscribed me Adderall xr 20mg to start..The day I started Adderall my life changed... could focus, losts of energy, felt great physically.. ( at the time also taking, Clonazepam 10mg twice daily and Prozac 40mg)
In mid January (2011) my boyfriend who I lived with commited suicide..I found him. My life completely changed had started a new job in October then had to move.. my stress level was at it's high..
Late Feburary had the Deprovera Shot. First time.
March lowered my Prozac to 20mg. never liked the side effects.. Finally went off in late March. Also went up to 30mg of Adderall xr and upped my Clonazepam to 20mg twice daily...
Everything seemed to be fine..
Then in April started to feel tired, lower back pain, nausea, headaches, dry mouth, irritability, anxious, slight breast pain. Had every test done.. Blood work, Pap , MRI, CT scan, Upper/Lower GI, Endoscopy w/BX, Ultrasound.. everything came out fine!! Seemed to be in perfect health.
My symptoms slowly became worse. I was in so much pain couldn't work. My doctor put me on Hydrococdon for pain.. sometimes helps sometimes does nothing.. Tried other meds Mirtazapine, Cyclobenzaprine, Cymbalta. Not all at one time but I was reluctant to put any more meds in my body so i didn't. I am frustrated no answers.. At this point in time I have ok days and really bad days. What is going on and where do I go from here???