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I have just been prescribed cymbalta for cronic body pain from arthritis, is this a good drug?

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pk1212 30 Dec 2011

Hello Odele..
My Dr. prescribed Cymbalta for me last year, to treat nerve damage in my hands. I have to say it made it worse! My elbow's felt like I had Tennis elbow all the time. So I went from having bad hands to bad arms,

I only took it for about 1 week
It took me about 6 months to finely be rid of the pain in my elbow's.
But everyone is different.

I hope this helps..

Inactive 30 Dec 2011

Hello odele. Yes, it might just be the thing. Cymbalta has been prescribed for various diganosis to help ease pain one being Fibromyalgia. Best of wishes, hope it helps,pledge

kathycrawford 20 Oct 2014

I took cymbalta for depression. When it was time to come off of it, the side effects of withdrawal were horrific. I would never take this drug again for any reason. Please do your research.

Trinabell 21 Oct 2014

Hi Odele. I currently take Cymbalta to treat chronic pain from fibromyalgia & arthritis. I personally have had very good results with this med. It did cause me to be extremely tired at first but that has lessened with use. The withdrawal from this med after long term use is supposedly pretty horrible but my Dr says that can be controlled by tapering slowly off when/if the times comes to stop using it. I did have to suddenly stop taking after 7 months use for 3wks but other then sleeplessness & an increase of pain for a day or so I didn't notice any other withdrawal symptoms like others have described. Everyone reacts different to any medication so your experience will not necessarily be the same as another's. Good luck. free discount card

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