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I have hep c and the medication I will be taken is called incivek, has anyone here taken this?

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Inactive 12 Feb 2012

Hi Jewell - I am now in week 11 of the incevik use. I think you may have read a couple of my other posts and you can probably see that I am a firm believer in WATER, WATER, and more WATER. At least 1/2 your body wieght in ounces each day. ME- 190 lbs. / 2 = 95 = 95 ounces of water each day.
That said, the nausea is the one that I dislike the most. I do not use any over the counter stuff as I don't want any thing else in my system while these meds are doing their thing. So I did go to the grocery store and got me a big old ginger root. Peel and slice to the white portion an then cut up in chunks about 1/2 cubed or near bouts. I then put 4 chunks in a cup of hot water and make my more own nautral ginger tea. Not a bad flavor and really does work well for me. Irritabilty and tiredness are something we have to deal with. If you have a medical cannabis use ability you may want to try that as well. It's not just a smoke pot and be a stoner thing, the oil extraction from the plants makes a great additive to any number of edible recipes without the whoo, whoo, look at me I am stoned stuff. It really does help the nausea. I use the ginger tea at work and the other in the comfort and privacy of my own home. (Doc did give me a medical use card which is legal in my state) I choose to let people know when I'm most irritable and then ask them to just let me vent. No pity party stuff, just good ol fashioned rip roaring bitching and complaining about anything and everything. (Current politics is always a good thing to gripe about!!)Think about it, this is kind of like a free pass to complaing without people gettin down on you! Then there is the HUMOR. Try and laugh at as many things as you can. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, the humor aspect will give you enough diversion so as to maintain a postive mental attitude.
For the other physical side effects, 1% hydrocortisone cream works great on fire butt, as does a powder I use called anti monkey butt. (I ride Harleys so the anti monkey butt powder is great when packing 600 miles a day on 2 wheels!!)
I suggest a high end best you can find hair shampoo and conditioner. I am deliberately growing my hair until I am off the interferon crap cuz it is one of those little rebellious parts of me that says I grow it because I can. (up to ponytail capability now) I figured if my hair starts thinning or falling out at least I will notice it quicker with longer hair than the short style I have been wearing.
There are a lot of tricks I've learned in a short while being on this crap, but the single biggest thig to know is that this to shall come to pass, so no matter how crappy you might feel on any given day, know that tomorrow will be different. I am now down to twelve days left of incevik and am already planning my post telaprevir celebration!! Good luck and stay strong!

Jewell.wise 13 Feb 2012

suzanne66 thanks a lot that was helpful will you help me out with other issues if they arrise ? I so happy for you that you are free of this monster. Tell me about chills will I get them or hair lost and what shall I do for tiredness I work daily? Thanks

mhanna1202 5 Apr 2012

Chills and reandom unpredictable stuff but if you focus on positives, your goals and use your faith and supports staying in each day it will alow you to really thrill on those hours and days you feel good and take care of yourself on the rougher days. free discount card

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