... once a month and has become worse. I thought it was more mental so I've been seen by many therapists and have tried just about every anit-anxiety med out there. I've tried EMDR, Hypnotherapy, regression therapy, body talk and am currently taking wellbutrin, and xanax. I recently found out about lomotil and that, along with xanax has worked wonders. I've had blood and stool sampled tests which all came out negative and my Dr wants me to see a gastrologist. My parents and i have spent litrally thousands of dollars on ongoing care including meds and therapy, and adult diapers. I don't have a whole lot of money so i was wondering if lomotil has any horrible side effects with long term use. I'm afraid i might get addicted to the xanax, but i really dont want to go back to wearing diapers again! I'm 29 and without these meds i will have to go to the bathroom atleast 12 times a day. Any suggestions?