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I have had terrible leg pain for the last 5 years or so. Does the Requip seem to help leg pain?

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LaurieShay 31 Mar 2011

Hey joededjo,

Requip is prescribed for Parkinsonism and restless leg syndrome (RLS). It can help the pain from the muscle spasms exerienced by some due to the Parkinsonism or RLS. What is causing your pain? Is it nerve related? Unless you are having tremors and muscle spasms along with the pain, I don't think this med will help you.

Have you had the leg pain diagnosed by a doctor? It is very difficult to recommend anything without knowing what the source of your pain is.

Sorry, couldn't be of more help,


Inactive 31 Mar 2011

Laurie is right. We need to know what is causing your leg painl Is it all the time? Is it from your back? etc... Let us know more. There are lots of meds that cn help with nerve pain if that is what it is. Lyrica & gabepentin are just two that come to mind. free discount card

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