What should I do I have even asked to release me so I can find someone to help me but still no answer but I dont think I can even find someone to help and their pain management wants to do another surgery for a nerve simulator but I am done with surgeries I live in winchester va and just want to stop this take my meds and not have a hard time to get them and live my life because without them it hurts so bad I do nothing with my wife anymore which puts a lot of strain on a mariage expecially since they wont let me know if I am able to be disabled which who will hire me on oxycotin and other such pain meds. Now the other opinion I got says the Dr messes me up by not solving the problem the first time with one or two surguries I am at six stuck with no help because he said there is nothing he can do. His advice is a pain management program and pain meds and all the pain managements here want to do is surgury. Give me a break I cant keep affording surgeries even with good insurance.