I have averaged 10 plus attacks/day. My EEG shows similarity to Petit Mal seizures (although that is not the case). Panic Attacks run in my family so I know there is a genetic component. Valium, Xanax, SSRI's, Biofeedback, etc. does not help. However, after years of relief with Klonopin with no need to ever increase my dose (0.5mg. 3 X's daily), the phychiatrist wants to take me off because she now is calling me an addict. She wants me back on the previous meds even though they caused me more harm than good. Are there any Dr.s (perhaps a neurologist) that could understand something that works. I am a nurse and if Petit Mal Seizure victims can stay on this med to prevent seizures, what is the problem of staying on the same med to prevent these attacks? I live in NJ.