... job my insomia was so intense i couldnt sleep for days on end, i went through every medication over the counter, and countless of the kind prescribed by my doctor, after hundreds of wasted money and unused meds that either wouldnt work or would give me complications, breathing, sick, etc. i finally found ambien, it worked the best, i finally felt like my prayers were answered, but then my insurance changed and instead of 15mg new covered only 10mg, its been 9 months and i still get up at 2 am, all my doctor could do was to try a new med. temazepam 15mg. i am scared shitless of what it will do to me, it was hell to find ambien, im so scared, does anyone take this new medication. facts about me: i weigh 72 pounds i am 35 years old and 4'11. for the love of god, i cant gain weight, i have tried everything managable, thats not the isssue, the issue is the new medication for insomnia, i hate meds, the way they make you feel and having to swallow them. any info please