Rx lomotil daily. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which were inconclusive. I have also done a 72 hr. poop collection, also inconclusive. I am fasting during the day if I have to go out, waiting to eat when I get home. I should buy stock in the yogurt and kefir industries. I wear depends undergarments when at home. My question is, are there any real dangers to taking lomotil and imodium at the same time? My doc prescribed stronger medications but even after antibiotic and anti-diarrhea meds she had me on failed, my insurance denied both medications. Another question, do you think if she hospitalized me for treatment, insurance would be required to cover the meds? I have lost eighteen lbs. in the last month--not that that's a problem for me, but it clearly signals that something is wrong. Sorry for the long post--my belly woke me at 3am and I'm frustrated, at wits end. Thanks for listening.