to straighten the spine with rods & screws from T6-L4 in August, 2010 and am still experiencing thoracic nerve and muscle pain on my thoracic spine with 2 vertebrae (or screws?) protruding thru T6,7,8 and am now experiencing terrible muscular headaches again with pain radiating down the neck, arm and hands again. I stopped taking Zanaflex in beginning of November. Should I get back on it? Does anyone think it will help the headaches, neck pain, arm and hand pain?and the thoracic pain from the bones or screws sticking out? None of this pain started to return til at least 2 months after the surgeries. I felt better in Sept and Oct. Now I have to go back to retail work next week. My 6 month check-up is not until Feb 25. I take a pain patch, Skelaxin and Neurontin which doen't seem to help.