I am a 43 yr.old in a 80 yr.body.plzexcuse typo this hard at this timein life.I used a tens unit bought on ebay,it stopped pain until I realized my pain was out of a 10 range when I took it off. I have rup. disk l-5 with compressed spinal cord. This has became a living hell,I cant walk,sit,or stand long, so I move constant,a new dr. said why no op. I have begged for relief. I hate all this fentanyl, oxycodone,and still pain I cant take.I cry,hate me,and get really sad,it happpened overnight last sept.24. life stopped as I knew it.Have you had this too?? What helped you get better,I am lost in a world I just dont understand anymore.I think knowing I had cancer would be easier than never knowing what will chip next,inflame and swell..I cannot pass urine well,or have BM. Pain to bad sit there.A month without it is misery,yuck. Do I execise,have surjery, ot finish my breakdown and forget it all:(. I am so tired of pain and dr. thats says you are on alot meds,and still hurt. yes sir I hurt, no I dont sleep,sorry I am crying,when he ask why! Why I want to scream I am pissed off that you can ask that and do nothing to teach me how to help me.Maybe you had dr. that took time to help you, mine is great,she was gone..I saw another,did test see if I was in pain like I said,I think I passed,I was give a shot and my meds. But I want to build back some of all I losing. 30pds in 2 months alot,to much pain.no hunger.Please any stretches we can do stop this pain down hip and leg,back I can take,its that burning nerve,it so bad i am slowly becoming immobile.I went from 3 jobs to screaming pain. HELP ME OUT PLEASE MY KINDRED FRIENDS