I started out at a pain clinic for severe hip and leg pain. Before this, I had never taken pain pills. Now I have no insurance and have to hunt for them. I hurt so bad I have to soak in the tub for hours just to relieve the pain and then it just comes back. I have stopped several times and it's really debilitating. Sweats, nightmares, no sleep, too much sleep and the pain is almost making me suicidal. I go back on insurance June 1st so I need a good Pain specialist in the Birmingham Area. I don't want to let my children, family or God down and I don't do it to get high. My tolerance is so high now that I only get relief from this much. Is there a better way to deal with this. I have degenerative disk disease and fibromyaliga (spelling). I am in pain 15 our of 24 hours a day but I work and I'm a great Mom. My husband is in full support of me. Any advice would be great.
Hurting really bad in Birmingham!