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I have fibromyalgia... Drs treat everyyhinhmg but the pain... how do I deal with this?

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mpvt 30 Sep 2009

Lyrica is the new wonder drug for bibromylagia suffers. It's about the only drug that helps. If this drug doen't help then you should get a second opinion on the fibro as there are other illness that mimick it... Goodc luck...

mpvt 30 Sep 2009

lets try and spell that correctly this time Dave, fibromyalgia. That looks better, I think???

kimmie1 30 Sep 2009

We all make mistakes Dave. Don't be so hard on yourself. As for fibromyalgia (see I don't even know if I spelled it correctly) you gave great advice. All of you should listen to Dave, Robert and the guy named Phillip. I am not familiar with Phillip as I have never asked him a question. But he seems to give good advice.Good Luck to all... Kim

mfpdfibro 30 Sep 2009

I have fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Disease). Everyone is different, but honestly I could live with the fibromyalgia pain, but not the Myofascial Pain. It may be that you have both and have just not been properly diagnosed. There are several very good books available at your library and/or information on the net that you could check out, read, and see if your symptoms match. It is often overlooked, yet often coincides with fibromyalgia. If you have both, the pain is overwhelmingly constant, yet often changing from a strong dull ache, to sharp stabbing pains, charlie horse type contractions and heavy burning and pulling type pain. It often involves nerve type pain, that simple pain medications do not touch. I was taking a lot of Vicodin and was still bed ridden with a heating pad. I finally got my Dr.

carolann65 1 Oct 2009

Thank you very much for your help... I will look on line for this other syndrome to see how close I am. I am trying to find a pain management Dr. Once again that u.

mfpdfibro 1 Oct 2009

Good luck with your search! I have learned the hard way that there are a few questions you should ask before you even bother to schedule and appointment. That is if you do feel that you have both conditions. 1) Do they take your insurance for "new" patients? Wasted over 5 weeks of my time getting the "wrong" answer to that question. 2) Are they familiar with Chronic Myofascial Pain? (Once again if you think the diagnosis fits) 3) Do they treat with trigger point injections? Make sure that they do in the area that you think you might need them!!! I had a pain management physician that I loved, but would only do injections in the back. I have pain in the lower back and inner pelvic region. The pelvic region causing the most pain. Yes, I had a hystorectomy for no darn reason at all! Anyway, I had to switch and find someone that would shoot in the front and upper inner leg.

mccannk 16 Oct 2009

I have fibromyalgia and lyrica does not work for me. i am on ultram for the pain, and it is considered a non narcotic. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

renacon 20 Aug 2010

My dr. gave me Lyrica 75 mg twice a day, it seemed to help some with the other pain meds,but i am still in pain and tring to find a pain dr that will give me more pain killers because i am still in pain. does anybody know of a pain dr who will give meds only free discount card

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