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I have fibromyalgia and prostatitis too what I can do?

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22 Jan 2011

I guess you'll need to be treated for both these conditions.

lara runa 22 Jan 2011

i know thise. but the adibiotick for the prostatitis.. they make worst my fibromialgia... basikly those are the rizon that start my fibromialgia...

Marvell 22 Jan 2011

Do all the antibiotics make you fibromyalgia worse?

lara runa 22 Jan 2011

no... just the adibiotics like cipro.. thise is the one that start the fibromialgia... flurioquilones is the catigory or samething like thise( sory my ingles are wierd) but are the only ones that can go to the prostatis... there olso a other adibiotick call septra i take it but make to me alergy... i live out of my contry and i spoke by telefon with my dr.. but now i stop evrithing and from monday i go to vizit a dr. here... any way realy thenks for the intrestink...

505eva 23 Jan 2011

I am wondering what you mean by cipro starting the fibromyalgia. I was given this drug when I first got sick (over the phone because I thought it was just a bad sinus infection). I later learned, from my eye dr. how horrible this drug is and all the lawsuits regarding its use. Are you saying that the drug can cause it or it makes it worse? Thanks.

Marvell 23 Jan 2011

Please see the links below. There are other antibiotics which can be used for Prostatitis (Acute or Chronic).

22 Jan 2011

I think I would be discussing this with the doctor there are various medications that would do fine with one but then using two together without someone who knows your history then I think that is the best answer I can give you I want you to be the best you can be please take care

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