Im an 18 year old girl, have been having periods like this since I started at age 11. I have tried Alesse which did nothing to help with anythings and I was on it for 6 months, and have also been on Seasonal which made it so I only had my period every 3 months and took that for 9 months, for the first session it slightly help the second slightly more and by the end of the third I got extremely sick and my period started 3 days early and laster 10 days, I havnt been on any pills since I went off it, and my periods have been getting worse and worse, and now I cant stand it anymore, I need to go on something that will help.
during my period:
bloated, lasts 5-7 days, heavy bleeding, body aches, extreme pain of cramps and lower back (most of the time to the point i cant walk, end up throwing up, cant move, curled in a ball balling my eyes out, or unable to function), head aches, dizzyness, tired and weakness, food/strange cravings, mood swings, and all over discomfort.