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I have extreme anxiety. I have been given 3 10mg pills for a speach. How many and when do I take?

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Inactive 11 May 2010

First, who give you these pills? What are they called? I would not recommend you take pills, but if you insist on taking pills, take only one
a half hour before speech. You need to see doctor before taking prescription pills because of side affects and interaction with other medicine your on.

James Madison 12 May 2010

They were prescribed by a doctor for a presentation I am giving. I took them a long time ago for a similar situation. When I got the prescription there were no instructions other than as needed and I have forgotten what the previous amount was.

heather011971 12 May 2010

I agree with Bucky. And if it IS in fact Valium 10mg you should DEFINITELY only take half. And I too have panic attacks and not every one individual are the same, especially getting up in front of crowds. So as long as you don't abuse drugs and you don't abuse "these" pills then I say you should definitely take something to help you through the anxiety. But like I said and Bucky said, only take half to see how it affects you so you won't be surprised with "noodle legs" in front of your peers! I hope this helped!

Inactive 12 May 2010

Well if theyre 10mg anti anxiety pills my bet is that theyre valium, but honestly theres no advice we can give you if we dont know what they are

nikicole1986 12 May 2010

just because ur nervous doesnt mean u need them or all them for that matter i suffer panic attacks and iam off xanax on diff med detoxing slowly off it iam nervous constantly but you have to face ur fears sometime.

nikicole1986 12 May 2010

as needed means one at a time through out the day leaving least 4 hrs in between.

Lpducati 12 May 2010

congrats on getting off the Meds! But some people really cant handle public speaking. If the Valium helps then I think They should take them. While giving a speech is not a good time to try not taking your meds. Unless you know you can handle in normal everyday situations. So I say take them if you need them, but be careful, DONT TAKE TOO MUCH!

hernandaz123 12 May 2010

i sever anxiety, and my doc precribed me sum medicen that i take as needed. and when ever i take it i cant even see, walk talk str8. so i would just take it a half hour before the speach, expetially if you dnt know how its going to afect you. free discount card

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