public sometimes i have attacks where i have trouble breathing and shaking ,hot and cold sweats .This is fuing my life i spent qiute a long time in the texas prison system and without going onto detail i have seen and had to things that i would nvevr do to another human being.I have served my time complletely yet ot follows me wherever i go!I need help i fear that if something dosent change there is only one other option.If anybody can help i will do whatever it takes please i am on my knees beggings.I pray to GOD bur i understand i am a small piece in this huge world and my problems probably dont compare to other people.JUst PLEASE if anyone can help or has suggestions please help i dont want to die i am scarred to death of dieing but at this point if it turns out to be the only thing to stop the pain i will no longer fear it.PLEASE HELP
very depressed in carrollton sincerly jared