I continue to have esophogeal spasms, and still some left over ptsd, from Katrina. Still Jump when unexpected noise happens. I have had 6 esophogeal scope over seven years, and they are calling the spasms , nerve damage. They happen when, I loose my breath, as in exertion, ex: house work or become slowly anxious. Than big spasms, small ones less often when quiet & still. as in still & reading. I have seen all of the speciaist. I still see a therapist & my doctor has prescribed , daily, (4) liberex 2.5 mg, 300 mg. Wellbutrin, Diazepam 5mg. X 2, Last was doplin 15 mg. (1) a kind of folic acid? And now she plans on tapering me off of wellbutrin ( which has done me No harm ) and exchanging it for proxac? I greatly fear, the changes. as Once I was left in a stupor for three days, when another doctor gave me those heavy drug So The question is any one have knowledge of this antipchotic, good or bad?