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I have Endocet in my cabinet medicine box since 2003, is it still good to use?

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enyoto13 28 Aug 2009

Get rid of it!!! all drugs have a shelf life, there should be a use by date on the bottle. after i think 2 years it should be disposed of

bonberris 29 Aug 2009

Then how come, I have seen Doctors (volunteers) give such drug to people in third world countries? This is probably very deadly. No wonder many in those villages have serious reactions to these drugs. Thanks

enyoto13 29 Aug 2009

yup they will give drugs that the FDA does not approve to third world countries in a heart beat. their is no real oversight for help given to poor countries. you should always look at your med bottles for expiration dates, if you get your meds from Walgreens the date it written in pen.

bonberris 29 Aug 2009

Thank you so much for your insite! I will throw mind old durg away and buy the new one the dr prescribe. free discount card

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