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I have emphysema from smoking, also copd. What can I do to make my quality of life better?

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Thor283 14 Jan 2012

You need to see a Lung Doc. There are several meds he can put you on. I use Spiriva and now Symbicort. But I try to not use the Symbicort too much because it has a steroid in it. And you should quit smoking, which is easier said than done. I know. Walking is good too.

Anonymous 14 Jan 2012

Hi mykingdom,I am so sorry that you have copd.I was so disgusted with myself when I was diagnosed in the spring.I am youngish,ok maybe in my own mind,I have emphysema and I quit smoking with chantix,not an easy drug to take.recently I found myself in a very challenging situation and started smoking again.if you can quit - the sooner the better,then you will start to feel pulmonary surgeon explained to me that I may have to force myself to workout,no way I thought,but of course I was already having problems getting up the 3 flights of stairs I run up and down every day 10 times a day.sorry if I am being wordy,just want you to know that you may have to push yourself in the beginning,don't let this disease limit you!! And please quit smoking,I am going to again,without chantix but just dropping 1 cig. every 2 days ..a little like detox,good luck my friend be well,c

onnolee 15 Jan 2012

First STOP smoking, I used the patch full strength.after trying for years to stop. See a specialist in Pulmonary get your xrays,do the stress test ,do everything you are told to do. Don't skip medicine because you're having a good day. Keep exercises going, Don't forget weights and keep walking . Know that you have an addiction that is as hard to break as any on this planet. Not one more cigarette ever, I take Albuterol as a rescue inhaler. Spiriva,Symbicort,And 24/7 oxygen,even in the shower. Good luck free discount card

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