Meds currently in use: Cymbalta 90 mg, Lamotrigin 150 mg.

Tried with no success: Melatonine, Doxal, Mirtazapin, Atarax,
Tried & felt suffocation: Ketipinor, Seroquel Prolong, Promazine.

I have: anxiety disorder (constant!), long term depression (on/off), PTSD (mental abuse,not physical), dissociation, panic disorder.
Physical symptoms:breathing, stomach problems, pains (almost like fibromyalgia). My mood goes up and down every few hours. I never had mania. I have suicidal thoughts but no acts of self harm. I am homebound a lot because of sensitivity to loud voices, lights and crowds of people. No social phobia. I meet friends frequently. I am single and suffer from loneliness and abandoment trauma.

I need to find a safe med to sleep that can be used long term. Not one that causes respiratory problems or memory loss (such as Azona-do not want).
I have the worst doctor ever, she always wants me to go back to Quietiapine which nearly kills me in suffocation :( & says there is no alternatives anymore???

I almost fall asleep and then the panic hits me, cannot use benzodiapines in long term :/ (for temporary aid i have slept 2 weeks with tenox and temesta if i woke up in panic, i will quit these meds asap) I am going nuts because I fear night time panic attacks so much. I have done every trick to calm me down before bed time with no help at all, the traumas hit me every night.

ALL MEDICAL ADVICE will be much loved. <3