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I have degenerative hips resulting in bone on bone pain will this help me?

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StephanieAlice 10 Sep 2010

Will what help you? What medication?

dmfdjttor57 10 Sep 2010

Thomas, wasn't it you that asked a question last week and did not give any details? That doesn't work, but i will tell you that if you have bone on bone in your hip or hips, the only thing that is going to help you is a total hip replacement, as I have that problem and will be getting one soon. There is a new procedure, called Anterior hip replacement that you should look in to , as it is much easier on patient, less down time, smaller incision, etc. so try to find a surgeon that can do this procedure when you have your surgery. Regarding meds., if you are talking about calcium, or glucosomine or something along those lines, YES, you need to take that stuff for preventive reasons and there are also things to try to reverse bone damage, as far as pain meds go, if they work and the Dr. prescribes them, take em. Good luck and hope you can get your surgery asap.
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